Teen Using Mad Stanzas


Ashley Wilhelm

Luke Walker reading his novel in class. Walker reads a lot of nonfiction books and books about quantum physics.

Ashley Wilhelm, Features Editor

In the school computer lab it would be usual to find Luke Walker, sophomore, listening to classical rock and writing poetry for his book “The Eternal Sunset”.

“I just want people to take their own interpretations of it,” Walker said.

“The Eternal Sunset” is 100 pages containing four short stories. Walker wishes to have a company such as Penguin House publish his book.

Having a big company such as Penguin House publish a book means that the book goes through the media like crazy.

Self publishing means that the author has to do all of the promoting for the book. An easier alternative is to publish through Amazon and sell the book directly from the site.

“I feel like it’s good enough to get published, I feel like my being 15, being able to write what I can, I feel like that can be a big promotion for the book,” Walker said.

Walker began compiling his work in February 2017 and finished the book in January 2018. Walker gets most of his inspiration for his poetry late at night. Bands like; Flying colors, Queen, Death, Hollow Earth, and Pink Floyd play a role in the style and themes of his poetry.

“I think it’s a return to traditional poetry,” Walker said.

You can expect a lot of aspects of older poetry with a modern twist in The Eternal Sunset.

Maggie Wilkinson, Sophomore in Tennessee, went through a similar experience with her book High Waisted. She self published her poetry book through Amazon and has sold about 60 copies.

“[High Waisted] is a self portrait of who I am right now,” Wilkinson said.

Wilkinson said a pro to self publishing is that there is a lot of freedom of what goes in the book, such as the fonts, where the italics go, and the cover art.

“I wanted [High Waisted] to be as authentic to me as possible,” Wilkinson said.

A con in her opinion is that she had to do all of her publicity since she did not have a big name company do it for her. She also had to do all of her own editing, which this took the most time she said.

A few of Wilkinson’s favorite poets are; Melissa Lozada-Oliva, Olivia Gatwood, e.e. Cummings, Ocean Vuong, and Sabrina Benaim.

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur is a very talked about poetry book that has made such an impact in 2014. It focuses on love, heartbreak, and women empowerment.

“I love women having their own voices and being able to be heard,” Wilkinson said.

“Milk and Honey” is known for its one liners, but some people do not agree that they are as powerful as one may interpret it.

Maggie Wilkinson poses with her poetry book, “High Waisted” on her instagram. Wilkinson relied on social media to promote her book.
Ashley Wilhelm
Luke Walker reading his novel in class. Walker reads a lot of nonfiction books and books about quantum physics.

“I believe that poetry while it can be upfront, without much structure, loses a lot of its beauty,” Walker said.