Informed Students: Take Civic Action

Emma Barfield, Staff Writer

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15 students and 2 adults died in a school shooting on February 14, 2018 at Majory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Nikolas Cruz, a 19 year old former student of MSDHS, is the reason for the terror the survivors remember. His actions are now recorded as the deadliest school shooting in our history.

Students are ready for a change. Students are ready to go to school feeling safe rather than wondering if it’s the last time they will see their homes or the ones they love.

Students are organizing peaceful protests throughout this month and the rest of the year to get the attention of the lawmakers. Students are demanding that lawmakers enact change.

If we want lawmakers to take us seriously, we have to behave in a way that makes them take us seriously. What I mean is that students who don’t fully understand the issue should not participate… yet. Their misunderstanding, or lack of understanding, distracts the adults who are watching us. Their actions give the lawmakers a reason to dismiss us.

Before you participate, be clear on what the purpose for the demonstration is. Be clear on the issue. Don’t get your information from your friend’s story. If you’re going to get news from social media, make sure the source is an actual news agency. Form your own opinions based on the facts (from both sides) reported. Have conversations with people until you understand all of the factors. Form your opinion by taking into consideration everything you learn.

If you understand the meaning behind the walkout or protest and how much impact they could have on your everyday life, participate. There is no doubt in my mind that you will not feel one step closer to changing our safety. The more people that participate in these walkouts, the more change will happen.

The purpose of these walkouts is to honor the lives that were lost and show that we want to see change. If you are participating for any other reason, stay inside or don’t participate. These walkouts are not a joke and they are not a way for you to get out of class for the heck of it. They are for you to understand that the world isn’t perfect and at any moment your life could be taken away from you.

If you will be participating in any walkout or protest in your life, you need to understand why you are doing it. If you do not understand what it is for or how it will affect the future, do not get involved because if you already did not know why the walkout or protest was in effect before, how will you be able to get the grasp of it during it?

I believe that some students at Ola will not take this tragedy of an event seriously which scares me because this is the future. As students, if we cannot handle something so important, how will we be able to promote a better future?

We are the future, students. We make the changes. We make this world better. Be aware and informed. Take action now students because one day your life might be taken from you faster than a bullet can travel.

Kenedi Mitchell, junior, standing up for her rights. Mitchell prepared her standpoint “protect us not guns” before the protest.


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  1. John Teague on April 10th, 2018 11:42 am

    I feel that Some People Around Ola Believe that this a situation in which We should Put a helping hand out to A lonely kid at the lunch or stop bullying when we see it,while yes those are things we should do everyday they have nothing to do with this situation.The Media has led us to believe that Those who start School Shootings are lonely kids who Are outcasts of their Social groups in School,but in actuality that is not the case,Many School shooters Are widely accepted by their School Community and fit in with their peers quite well,yet we look away from the issue at hand which is that this has nothing to do with bullying but with Gun Violence seeping into schools like the Smell of Garbage into the streets that will keep Permeating until someone does something about it!

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Informed Students: Take Civic Action