Five superstitions from Mustang Athletes

From wearing a certain pair of socks to putting their equipment in the same order, all athletes have superstitions that they have to do before their games.


Shealyn Starks

Starks driving the ball to deep center. Her batting average was .478 this season.

Ashley Wilhelm , Feature's Editor

Shealyn Starks
Starks driving the ball to deep center. Her batting average was .478 this season.

Number 1

Shealyn Starks, sophomore, has been playing softball since she was four years old and is on the varsity team.

“If we don’t pray before a game I don’t feel as confident I don’t feel like we perform to the best of our abilities.”

Number 2

Athletes can have superstitions as little as listening to a certain type of music. Athletes use music as a way to affect their demeanor before a game. Listening to upbeat music can pump up athletes to get them excited and can ensure their best performance for the game.

“I listen to 90’s alternative to wake me up,” Delaney Westbroek, freshman, said.

Westbrook has been playing lacrosse for four years and is on the varsity team.

Number 3

Kaitlyn Miller, sophomore, participates in marksmanship and this is her first year. Marksmanship is a sport where compressed air is shot out of a gun to project pallets and to score. Their superstition is that they must be in the same shooting lane everytime they compete.

“When I didn’t get my lane I shot terrible that day,” Miller said.

Number 4

Elizabeth Morris, Junior, is on the cross country team and has been for three years.

“The weather has to be nice,” Morris said.

Morris said that she tends to perform poorly if it is misty outside compared to it being sunny and warm outside.

Number 5

Megan Turner, sophomore,has been in marching band for two years and plays the Mellophone.

“The brass section always goes to IHOP,” Turner said.

The brass section always has to drink Glacier Freeze Gatorade and must touch a wooden frog named Bartholomew. That is not the only thing the brass section shows love to, they also kiss a skull named Baribone. Turner does not know how these traditions came to be but they have never performed without doing these quirky superstitions.