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Seniors Don Costumes For Senior Week

Seniors Don Costumes For Senior Week

Senior week is here and better than ever.

April 1, 2018

Seniors  dressed in costumes for a annual occurence: senior week. Suupporting and encouragin the graduating class is a tradition.

On Monday, seniors loved their favorite memes and vines so much they honored them by dressing as them.

Tuesday, they channeled their inner Grecians and wore togas. To make it more fashionable, they added accessories.

Wednesday, the seniors dressed as their opposite gender. Talk about walking in the someone else’s shoes!

On Thursday, they decided to refer to their good old days, their childhood. They dressed up as they did when they were young.

Friday, the seniors followed the previous seniors and the seniors before them, with the traditional black out day. Seniors wore all black to show how graduating is the new cool.

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