Balance Versus Procrastination

Students climb to the top but in different ways.


Emily Crawford

Crawford becoming a member of the National Honors Society. She has worked hard for her to become a member of this group.

Emma Barfield, Staff Writer

Grades are known to define a student and their achievements, but how students get there is something peers and teachers do not see. Some students make a schedule and get everything done accordingly while some others “go with the flow” and get it done ten minutes before its due.

Emily Crawford, junior, is the kind of student that is always on top of her schoolwork and extracurricular activities. Crawford learned how to balance a hectic schedule and a heavy workload at once.

“It gets really stressful at times, especially when extracurricular start to overlap. I just try my best to use the free time I do have wisely so I’m not wasting it,” Crawford said.

As Crawford participates in more challenging classes and rigorous courses, she has set up a plan in order for her to finish her work on time.

“So when the assignment is given and the teacher tells me the due date, I use a planner app on my phone to mark it. The app gives me reminders when it is close to being due. So every night after I am done with afterschool activities, I check the app and do what is closest to being due,” Crawford said.

Crawford has developed a skill that works for her in order for her to succeed in school and have the grades she wants to have. She is an example of a balanced and organized student because instead of her putting the workload on herself at once, she produces a plan and sticks to it.

“I really like making lists, it helps me keep everything in check until I get it [the work] done,” Crawford said.

Not all students are balanced and organized;however, Morgan Reese, sophomore, has noticed that he developed a sense of procrastination.

“It started in middle school when I really just didn’t want to do work anymore so I waited until the last minute to turn things in,” Reese said.

Although he still gets his work in on time, the procrastination can be overwhelming, especially when Reese’s extracurricular get in the way.

“Soccer season is the time when I procrastinate the most because I’m always focused on practice and games,” Reese said.

While others are planning out their schedules for their homework or doing their projects, Reese has something else in mind. He wants to focus more on living his life and doing things he wants to do.

“When I’m not focused on doing school work, I have the time to do things that I am really passionate about and focus on making those things better,” Reese said.

Of course, the stress of procrastination is overwhelming for Reese, but he still manages to get all of his work done on time. However, he never regrets taking time to do things he loves instead of stressing over the hectic workload he receives from classes.

“Take the time to focus on yourself sometimes because you won’t have the same opportunities later as you do now. Always get your work done but maybe don’t focus on when just know when it’s due,” Reese said.