Hill showcases his appreciation for history

Chadd Hill, junior, turns the page on his history journey


Photo courtesy of Jeff Burns. Chadd Hill at the National History Day competition. Hill has advanced to the regional level of the competition.



Isabella Sanchotene , Staff Writer

What comes to the eye is not all that Chadd Hill, junior is. Not only does Hill have a passion for history like no other, he is also an unpublished author of a book written for his directed studies class about the great American wars. 

“Chadd is a history teacher’s dream. He introduces things that other students don’t know about,” Jeff Burns, AP US History and AP European History teacher said.

Hill first fell in love with history in middle school and was drawn to learning more about war and important people such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He loves learning about himself in terms of how he sees himself reflected sometimes in information” Rosemary Ahonen, Honors World Geography and AP Psychology teacher, said.

Hill sees himself as Dr. King in terms of being peaceful and wanting change. Hill looks up to Dr. King for everything he contributed in the Civil rights movement to change American society and wishes he could participate in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

For his directed studies class, Hill wrote a book on American history. Hill’s book featured American wars an important people that contributed to making history.

It took me the whole year in my directed studies class. I worked on it every day at home and school,” Chadd Hill, junior, said. 

Throughout the year, Hill struggled with fact checking and making sure that all his facts and sources were credible. His book also brings out important facts about Revolutionary War and The Civil War and focuses on the beginning and the ending.

“Chadd is a really hard worker and he worked on that book nonstop,” David Hill, sophomore, said.

Hill struggled with time management and putting material together frequently. The book ended up being around 48 pages by the end of the year.

I’ve had a lot of interests as a kid and I switched between things like astronomy, art, and now history, but I’m really interested in psychology now,” C. Hill said.

Hill could see himself having a career in history, but is leaning towards a career in psychology studying disorders such as autism.