Ashley Wilhelm, Feature's Editor

Ashley Wilhelm
Brown and Benton sitting in front of the library that is under construction. “We are trying to come up to the 21st century,” Benton said.

On the week of April 8th, librarians across the nation celebrated National Library Day. The week was created because research showed that the nation was spending all of their time on radios, televisions, and other electronics and spending less and less of it reading books.

The American Library Association (ALA) and the American Book Publishers noticed this problem and created National Library Week. These committees figured that this would raise awareness and then people would be motivated to read, bringing in more revenue for the local libraries.

The first National Library week was in 1958 and the theme was “Wake Up and Read!”.  This year’s theme is “Librarian’s Lead.”

Librarian, Cheryl Benton, has been working at Ola since the school opened. Her favorite part about her job is that she gets to work with kids.

“I love to help them. I just wish people would ask me more,” Benton said.

Benton chose to work at high school because her kids were going to Ola, but stayed because she loved the kids.

“My favorite part is working with students,” Librarian, Cheryl Brown said.

Brown has been stocking the shelves with new reads for four years. A huge misconception in Brown’s eyes about her job is that students think the librarians know about all of the books. A favorite book of Brown’s is Girl in Translation, by Jean Kwok.