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Photo courtesy of Olivia Dees

Dees tries her hand at a gory special effects makeup. She became interested in special effects making by watching youtube.

Laying flat on her stomach, book positioned just right with the grass sticking out a little bit in front of the pages, camera flat on the ground in front of her. ‘Click.’ She walks in with the perfect addition for her bookstagram.

Olivia Dees, senior, has been the owner and operator of Livsbookshelf since 2015. In three years she’s amassed over 5000 followers and started making her own youtube videos under the same name.

“I have friends now, haha,” Dees said.

For Dees, the site is a way for her to share what she enjoys and engage with others like her. She has become a part of a community of youtubers and bookstagramers alike.

“I couple years ago I starting watching a YouTube, and it had like a million subscribers, but it literally just book reviews. It was like this girl dressing up in funny makeup and jumping in front of the camera like a crazy person doing book reviews and I was like ‘I can do that,’” Dees said.

Mostly, Dees reviews and photographs different books, however, recently she has gotten into editing other people’s books and special effects makeup. In a recent post on her personal instagram account, Dees transformed her face to look like playing cards were cut into it.

“I wanted to try my hand at like a gory makeup, so I just got some playing cards because I can’t play cards. I was like I got to put them to use somehow. Got to find at least one way to win,” Dees said.

Dees grew up attending Community Christian School, but changed school her freshman year. For her, it was a welcome change.

“It was so weird. People would smile at you in hallways and nobody hated me, it was nice,” Dees said.

She plans on attending Georgia Southern and studying biology.

“I know I don’t make sense…I started writing and my dad was like ‘Why don’t you just get a writing degree with like a history minor,’ I was like ‘Okay I can do that,’ watched a couple history documentaries. That’s boring as heck. But I like science, and I’m good at it. I’m thinking more swim with the sharks nautilus kind of thing,” Dees said.

Readers can follow her bookstagram @livsbookshelf, subscribe to her youtube here, or read her blog here.