Madelyn Smith Flips Into State

Madelyn Smith, 11th, has moved on from prelims and flipped her way into state on April 20th.

Madelyn Smith, 11th, poses during her floor routine.

Madelyn Smith, 11th, poses during her floor routine. " The sky's the limit with her," Chelsea McCreary, coach, said.

Courtesy of: Madelyn Smith

Courtesy of: Madelyn Smith

Madelyn Smith, 11th, poses during her floor routine. " The sky's the limit with her," Chelsea McCreary, coach, said.

Ashley Edwards, Arts and Entertainment Editor

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Madelyn Smith, 11th, is the only gymnast on her team that moved on from prelims to state. After her successful performance on April 20, 2018, she placed in all around, floor and beam for OHS.

“I feel very blessed for this opportunity in front of me, because I came from Locust Grove and then I came here and I was just so much more comfortable in my sport,” Smith said.

After moving from Locust Grove High School to OHS, Smith is conquering the gymnastics scene at OHS. She loves the team here and their drive to succeed.

“They [Ola’s gymnastic team] allowed me to take it a little bit further than what I did at Locust Grove,” Smith said, “I like cheer leading at Ola a lot. I like how everybody wants to win, they have the dedication and the passion to push to be able to get there.”

Her favorite event in gymnastics is the beam because of the challenge, she loves the hard work she has to put into it.

“ I feel like it’s[ beam] an event that everybody kind of hates because it is so difficult but I like it because it’s difficult,” Smith said.

Smith has been doing gymnastics since she was four up until she was in eighth grade when she had to quit because of an injury to her wrist.

“I broke my wrist and I was out for six months because I broke it in three different places. When I went back it just wasn’t the same anymore for me,” Smith said.

However, now Smith has regrasped the bar and made her way into state. Chelsea McCreary, Smith’s gymnastics coach, saw her comeback throughout the season and is extremely proud.

“She’s got that hunger back and she’s anxious to try new things to better herself,” McCreary said.

McCreary has seen her develop on a personal level and as an athlete throughout this season, she has enjoyed watching her grow.

“When I first met her it was in a cheerleading aspect, she was real quiet and kind of reserved and through gymnastics, it’s kind of brought out her personality. I would say that is a personal growing, but athletically, yes, lots of potential there. We pulled it out a little bit at a time,” McCreary said.

McCreary admires Smith for her work ethic and desire to win, She loves her ‘in it to win it’ attitude toward the sport.

“She’s a little bit of a smart aleck and I love it. She’s feisty and but quiet so you’ll never know it until she’s in the competition mode,” McCreary said, “She doesn’t tell you no. If you ask her to try something new or add something to her routine, you may get a little smirk, but she’s not gonna tell you no. She’s gonna try it every time.”

Smith is also in varsity competition cheer and football cheer leading. She loves the team because of their desire to win, love for the sport and the fact that she also gets to see them again in gymnastics.

Skylar Beamon, 10th, has been friends with Smith for seven years and met her through gymnastics. She is so proud of her for her hard work to make it to state.

“I’m so incredibly proud of Madelyn for making it to state. No one deserves it more than she does,” Beamon said.

Beamon loves Smith for her bubbly personality and love and energy towards gymnastics.

“She’s so goofy but she can be serious if need be. She just has that kind of personality where once you get to know her you’re hooked,” Beamon said.
 Beamon said aside from her personality, Smith knows when it’s time to compete and always has a positive attitude towards her teammates and sport.

“During a meet Madelyn gets really focused. She’s so positive and encouraging, but still manages to focus on her skills and routines in between when she competes,” Beamon said.

Smith’s favorite memory with gymnastics was when she was nine years old and went through something called TOPs testing at her gym at the time. The test examined physical abilities of the gymnasts and if one qualified high enough, they were selected to go to Texas for olympic training.

“That was really interesting because I had to go with just my coach, I didn’t have my mom or anything, we went for about a week. Then we had to test there our skills and our abilities,” Smith said. “It was so much fun.”

Since she spends all her time in the gym for gymnastics or the mat for cheer leading, Smith doesn’t have too much time for any hobbies.

“I really don’t even know if I have any other ones, [hobbies] just because it [ gymnastics] takes up so much of my time. As soon cheer season ends, I’m right into gymnastics,” Smith said. 

Even though she’s always busy with gymnastics, she loves the sport and has a connection with it since it has been apart of her life for so long.

“I guess it’s [ gymnastics] just something that I’ve grown up doing, I don’t think I’d be very great playing any other sport. Especially with a ball I can’t throw a ball, I can’t kick a ball,” Smith said, “It was the world to me whenever I was young, but now that I’ve grown up, it [gymnastics] has shaped me and molded me into who I am.”

When she is on the mat, nothing can distract her and she is in game mode. That is one of the things McCreary loves about Smith, when she is at her event, nothing else matters to Smith but her performance.

“When you watch her perform she’s captivating and you get in the moment with her. In gymnastics she’s by herself, she’s not with a team. It’s just her and it’s almost like everything else is blocked out, watching her is really captivating. Every time she performs its a great memory,” McCreary said.



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