Sign the yearbook, forget the letter

The senior letter deadline rolls around as much as the procrastination to write them; simply sign their yearbook.

Savannah Simpson, Managing Editor

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Savannah Simpson
Oh yes; let me admire all these loose-leaf papers I have somehow managed to save over the years that are of sentimental value to me and lean back in my rocking chair as I read through each of them which have all been miraculously preserved even though they are highly fragile individual sheets of mere paper.
Said no one ever.
As much as we’d all like to pretend like we’re going to keep up with the highly anticipated senior letters we receive, the fact is that this collection of individual papers is not the easiest coagulation of items to keep together.

Perhaps the best way to keep them organized is a folder of sorts, but even this method is mediocre at best. What’s the last manila folder you managed to keep up with for years and years without it being stored in a safe and only brought out when absolutely necessary?

Something as heart-felt and iconic as a senior letter does not belong in the same cold, dark, locked box along with documents like your birth certificate and social security card. Yet, under only these circumstances may this pile of papers be saved from the black hole that always seems to make an appearance when one moves or performs any mass transit of personal belongings.

Ironically, this method of storage practically directly opposes everything senior letters are meant to be- memos from the heart and pieces of high school comradery. Not legal documents.
My suggested solution to this issue of conservation of good-time-high-school-memorabilia is admittedly bold and perhaps even offensive to some but I nevertheless beg you to consider this: the abandonment of senior letters and the adoption of more attention to the beloved yearbook notes.

This solves the question of where to best store letters because one can have all the kind words and written memories in one beautiful book that can be pulled from your shelf at any given time with ease. Yes, a well-written senior letter has been stigmatized as the holy grail of true friendship, but why not choose to go against the stampede of fellow mustangs and focus your letter writing energy into the scribbles you put in your senior pal’s yearbook?
Not only will you be hipster, but you exponentially increase the chances of them enjoying your kind words even when they are old and grey and sitting back in their rocking chair fondly dwelling on Ola days of old.

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Sign the yearbook, forget the letter