Hoof Print plans for convergent media next year

The staff will explore more digital media options while limiting the print publication.

Bronlyn Holland, Editor in Chief

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Starting next year, the Hoof Print Publication will no longer offer a monthly print edition. Print editions will be limited to two per year, one at the end of each semester. This is a big change in how we will produce material, but it is a good change, not just for our staff, but for our readers as well.

Nationally, print sales have declined about 19 percent since 2000. While that is a broad spectrum on sales, our staff has experienced the decline just in the community.

With this new journey we are about to embark on, we will be publishing most of our content online with a “revamped” website. This will allow us to keep more stories relevant to what is going on in the school and community without having to make sure something is happening around a distribution date.

Throughout the past couple of years, the conferences we attended geared some of their sessions towards digital platforms. This allowed staff members to take notes about how to converge media together on our website. Learning new media material will better us as a staff because we will be broadening our journalistic spectrum of knowledge.

The past three years I have been on staff have been a struggle trying to balance the print editions with the online edition, so by going mainly online, we can keep our readers informed on the most relevant information going on in the school and the community.

I am very excited on this new journey ahead of the staff and I, because this will be my fourth year on staff and I will be the Editor in Chief. I will be attending Mercer’s Center for Collaborative Journalism’s Digital Media program this summer, along with a few other staff members, and we will be bringing back new material for us to work on and figure out what works best for the staff.

I am excited to see what the staff brings to the table with the new production system and cannot wait to see how they adjust to it.


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Hoof Print plans for convergent media next year