Local Artist Shares the Story of Her Inspiration


Amy King

Susie Q and I posing for a picture. I met such an amazing woman.

Ashley Wilhelm, Managing Editor


You can catch Susie Q, artist, living her dream of being a painter. Q, a self taught artist of 45 years has been making art and selling it at local establishments.

“My husband says if it stays still long enough I will paint it,” Q said.

Q, from Art 4 you by Susie Q, paints on a variety of items from cards to portraits, stools to stone.

Q’s grandmother adopted her when she was two and a half years old and has been her biggest motivator. Her grandmother was the main reason Q wanted to improve her art.

When sharing how her grandmother inspired her, Q stated that her grandmother often started with “That’ be better if…”

“Then finally she would say ‘wow that’s perfect’,” Q said.

Most of her art is inspired by certain things such as her childhood or simply the seasons.

“My grandmother loves hummingbirds so I kinda did the hummingbirds in memory of her,” Q said.

One of her pieces was inspired by Q meeting a couple of Jersey cows. She painted portraits of the cows and named the duo Blue and Bell, after the famous ice cream company.

“I like anything that makes people laugh,” Q said.

As a breast cancer survivor with a very enthusiastic demeanor, she has definitely shown her goal through her art. With the positivism that radiates off of her to the different colors she experiments with in her pieces, you can tell that she is passionate about her work and she loves what she does.

Her art is displayed at local places such as; the Hampton City Hall, Emily’s Attic, BarnBeautiful, and her work will soon be at The Painted Cottage.

Q is trying to spread her art anywhere she can due to the fact that she is fighting kidney disease and has been waiting on a pancreas and a kidney for about a year.

“Even after the surgery I will still be able to paint,” Q said.

Q knows about hospital painting all too well. A few weeks after she lost her grandfather to cancer a horse stepped on her foot. It was around Christmas time so she could not get to a doctor. When she could they realized that her foot had been infected. At this time she was working on a piece for her grandfather.

“I was laid up for three months and finished [the piece],” Q said.

Her grandfather was bound to a wheelchair at the end of his life and the piece by Q is of a horse in motion. The piece is called ‘Running Free’ and Q will never sell the original for it, and that is rare for her not to sell the original copy of her art.  

Hopefully her next project is painting a shirt that says “Of course these are fake, my real ones tried to kill me!”, a hilarious piece that she mentioned.

You can check out her website here: https://www.art4youbysusieq.com or visit her FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Art-4-you-by-SusieQ-280918858774745/