Why We Should Hold Public Officials to Higher Standards


Ashley Wilhelm

Sign reminding voters to let their voices be heard on July 24th. Many signs are posted around the community.

Ashley Wilhelm , Managing Editor

The month of July holds the famous holiday of Independence and puts political leaders in the spotlight more than they already are. With all of the recent questionable actions by some of our leaders this prompts a big question- why do we not hold officials in the public office to higher ethical standards than others?

In many vital administrative departments and agencies, not to mention the halls of congress, there is currently a massive leadership void. These people that we elect hold power and responsibility, and their actions reflect on the country. When our president makes a negative tweet commenting on a woman’s looks, I feel that crosses the line and makes surrounding countries see America as a laughing stock.

Our leaders are human and I know perfection cannot be achieved, but they need be held to a higher standard in society. They work for the public and are paid by taxpayers. If I were to make a crude comment at a job, I would get fired. In their lives, they can do and say just about anything, get media press and no repercussions out of it.

We desperately need a change from a congress in which only a handful of representatives speak on the beliefs that America stands for. The country has to pay less attention to ambition, success, and the need for material, and instead focus on electing someone with the competence and character needed to run a country. At this point in America, we need capable and ready leaders to raise standards of decency instead of lowering them by their actions in the media.

A courageous leader always puts others first and, in my opinion, our government officials could learn from more respected people. Reading the news in the morning, I don’t see many courageous leaders in our White House. Effective leaders such as teachers going above and beyond- loving their job- or a nurse being there for their patients battling cancer are held in higher regard than some government officials.

We desperately need honorable and trustworthy leaders and we need to begin holding leaders to higher standards especially at this time. Holding public officials to higher standards is only right due to their positions and responsibilities.