Artist Dreams to Replace Paintbrushes with Stethoscopes


Ashley Wilhelm

Johnson posing with a portrait. She used a large variety of colors.

Ashley Wilhelm , Managing Editor

Courtesy of Ashley Johnson
Silhouette of a girl behind various colored shapes. The shapes portrayed things in your life that hold you back.
Courtesy of Ashley Johnson
Johnson begins to experiment in plaster production. “American Horror Story” inspired this interesting piece created by Johnson.

Ashley Johnson, senior, is an artist and lover of color and expression. She is likely to be found with paint on her hands and a new crazy idea to recreate. She began doing art since elementary school but fell in love with it, when she started taking John Wood’s class. Johnson loves having artistic freedom in Wood’s class.

Johnson tells stories with her art and spreads emotion throughout the work. She mentions that she painted a silhouette of a girl in the background, and it portrays her flying as in getting away. She describes it as letting go of what is holding you back and pushing past it.

“I like doing wild, crazy stuff,” Johnson said. Her artwork reflects her lively spirit as she dabbles in new techniques.

Last year, Johnson was inspired by the show “American Horror Story” to recreate a scene where it looked like someone was coming out of a wall. The scene she was going for was someone coming out of a wall, like a demonic figure. 

The piece is made out of plaster, so Johnson needed someone to mold it to look like a human. Her close friend helped her with this. Her friend stood under the 150 pound tree bark with a sheet over her, receiving oxygen out of a straw.

“[Ashley is] insane,” Allie Phillips, senior, said.

Johnson has been a member of the “Fear The Woods” team since 2016 as the babydoll. Johnson loves horror films, and they make appearances throughout her work.

“[She’s] very eccentric, very out there,” Phillips said.

Johnson is involved in the early childhood program and loves kids. So much that she spent some of her summer working at the summer camp with the kids.

Besides the paint and the clay, Johnson enjoys other versions of fine arts. She has been a hip-hop dancer for nine years.

“Follow who you are and don’t let people drag you into the wrong crowd,” Johnson said. She strives to be better everyday in art and as a human being.

Johnson aspires to be a labor and delivery nurse. She will be attending Southern Crescent for her core classes and Gordon for two years to study nursing.