Pre-game Tailgate Serves Community Spirit


Payton Disario

Teachers relieve some stress from the school nearby relaxing and enjoying a meal among their co-workers. Music and laughter were heard echoing throughout the grounds.

Payton Disario , Staff Writer

On Friday, Aug. 28, educators and their families from across the Ola community came together for Ola’s first Faculty Tailgate.

The tailgate was held outside Ola High School just before that night’s football game.

“I think Ola is such a unique and special community, that the more we can get everybody together, the better we’re going to be… the more we’re going to get closer as a family,”  Nick Ellis, assistant principal, said.

Karen Beasley, teacher at Ola Middle School, enjoys community events like the tailgate because she gets to reunite with former students and bond with her colleagues.

“I like seeing former kids and I like to see them grow and I like to see them move on to do bigger and better things,” Beasley said.

This is only one of the many things that makes Ola’s community different. One of Ellis’ favorite things about the community is being together.

“Everything about this community is unique and special,” said Ellis.

Ola hopes to make this an annual tradition that will take place on the first official home game of each year.