Mr. Right….Does he exist?

Gaby Holub, Social Media Manager

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In high school, we come across the four types of boys that we date and fall in love with.

Freshman year, the senior football player with baby-blue eyes captures our attention; however, as a sophomore, the quiet, artsy sweetheart truly cares for us, but we are better off as friends. Junior and senior year break your heart the most.

So what now? Does the perfect guy exist in our high school fantasies, or is he a figment of our imagination created by sappy Netflix romcoms to give us hope that guys like this exist?

“Mr. Right doesn’t exist in high school, but he’s out there. There’s a line between who you should date and who you shouldn’t base on your personality. He may not be Mr. Right forever, but he’s Mr. Right for now, ” Taylor Johnson, senior, said.

While Mr. Right may exist in some girls worlds, and may not be prevalent in others, do the movies always show the full picture, including the good bad and the ugly?

“He doesn’t exist. Everyone is still growing, and no one stays the same. No use staying with a person who is still growing,” Regan Zakrewski, junior, said.

Is it possible, Lara Jean might have wanted more than the jock, Peter Kavinsky? Was Noah supposed to follow Allie after she left? Did Taylor Swift create a perfect boy-next-door in “You Belong With Me”?

“The movie portrays it wrong. There is no perfect guy, you find a guy and make it work. If you love him you overcome the difficulties, Mr. Right does not exist,” Madison Reyome, senior, said.

With so much media dictating our lives and how love should be the question remains is there a right way to fall in love with Mr. Right and does he exist?

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Gaby Holub, Social Media Manager

The bilingual and writing fanatic, Gabrielle “Gaby" Holub, senior, runs the Social Media side of Hoof Print. Her love for writing blossoms from the support...

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Mr. Right….Does he exist?