JV faces rival for the start of the season


Ashley Wilhelm

Before the game begins a group of young football fans play their own game. The mustang fans were happy about their team’s win.

Nick Bates and Ashley Wilhelm

On Aug. 30, the junior varsity football team faced off against their rival, the Locust Grove Wildcats.
This showcased the Mustangs in their finest hour as the team moved the ball downfield with ferocity and grace.
To counter this, the Wildcats got on the ball quickly and moved swiftly as their defense deployed.

A crucial factor in the game was the intense rivalry between both teams.
The rivalry, which runs deep in each team’s school spirit, clashed head to head as both teams strongly believed that they would leave the game victorious.

“I enjoy watching these JV guys do their thing. I’m not sure who will win, it’s the first quarter. It’s going to be a long game,” Jared Zito, head football coach, said.

The season just began for the JV Mustangs and they are very optimistic and are undefeated so far.

“When you play your rivalry you expect to win so you got to get out there and make a statement,” Davin Johnson, number 13 of the Wildcats, said.

During the first quarter, the Wildcats were down, but they eventually made a rapid comeback during the next three. Fortifying their offense, the team accumulated points to try and catch up to the Mustangs.

“We started out really strong and pumped up and ready to play our biggest rival,” Collin Curry, sophomore, said.

Despite their continuous efforts which combined strength and strategy, the efforts of the Wildcats were simply not enough to secure a victory. As a result, the Mustangs ultimately emerged victorious with a final score of 20-13.