The shrimp and beef taco ready to be eaten. All tacos have fresh ingredients that blend well together. (Emma Barfield)
The shrimp and beef taco ready to be eaten. All tacos have fresh ingredients that blend well together.

Emma Barfield

Emma Eats: New Taco Restaurant Sizzles Up the Square

Macon Street Tacos brings in a new light of business to the McDonough Square.

September 7, 2018

In the middle of August, Macon Street Tacos opened their doors to customers that were ready to try the delicious, new food. I was super excited to try out this snazzy Mexican restaurant because Mexican is my favorite food.

Access to the restaurant could sometimes be a hassle due to its location- the heart of McDonough Square. If you park away from the square, be prepared to walk the distance.

I visited the restaurant around dinner time, after the rush hour, on a Monday. The joint is a quiet and comfortable place to eat.

As soon as I walked into the building, I felt an immediate sense of comfort and smelled of delicious food. The setup of the restaurant is comfortable for a small business. It was clean and very colorful.

Macon Street Tacos has their menu displayed on the wall, behind the counter. The menu is hand-written, but you are able to read and understand every word. To order, you walk up to the counter, order and pay, all at once. The perfect fit for someone who is not very fond of the idea of waiting so long or someone who is grabbing a quick bite.

The employees take your order then they will give you a table marker, and you choose where you would like to sit. Choosing where you want to sit was very interesting to me, and it is great for people who want to sit by the window or alone in a quiet place. They also offer a room further to the back for extra seating, a quiet place to eat, or for parties.

Now, it was time for the best part: the food. I ordered almost one of everything on the menu, just so I would have a good sample of everything.

The mouth-watering tacos take my breath away as I stuff my mouth with them. You can order carne asada, marinated pork, shrimp or fish, chorizo, or el gringo tacos. I ordered shrimp, fish, el gringo, and steak tacos.

All of the tacos were served with fresh tortilla shells and a mix of different toppings. With the proper mix of all of the different flavors, I felt like I was sitting on a beach eating this taco. The tacos were fresh, presented beautifully, and well, just tasted amazing.

Macon Street Tacos offers quesadillas and you can “stuff” them with any meat you want. I order a basic chicken quesadilla.

The chicken and cheese quesadilla most certainly reached the top of the tasting bar as well. The melted cheese, juicy chicken and the perfect crisp of tortilla, definitely was one of my favorite things.

Beverage choices are also important when dining at a restaurant. Of course, the company has water and fountain drinks but to add a little fun to the restaurant, they sell “Jarritos”, a popular soft drink founded in Mexico. I tried all three flavors Macon Street Tacos offered lime, pineapple, and orange. I can say these bottles are very photogenic and make the meal feel more like I’m in the heart of Mexico.

“Tacos, Sangrias, and Ice Cream” is what the company is known for. So of course, I had a trusted adult help review the sangrias. The sangrias are described as having a great taste and are properly blended well. They are refreshing especially with the tacos.

No restaurant is good without having something for the people with a sweet tooth. MST offers plenty of ice cream options for all kinds of ice cream lovers. There are some fun flavors of ice cream that I have never heard of before, and let’s just say, it was worth the bill.

Macon Street Tacos, you have impressed me. I am a girl, who loves Mexican food, but I am also a lover of cheap food.

The bill was not in my favor, but it was worth it. This is a good restaurant for a first date, a place to hang out with friends, a quick bite, or a family dinner. If you are a fellow taco lover, try this place out, you will not regret it.


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