Family and friends gather to celebrate Cali Weishauphl’s life

Weishaupl inspired positivity in her family and friends.

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Family and friends gather to celebrate Cali Weishauphl’s life

Katie Morris, Staff Writer

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On Sept. 4, Ola High students held a candlelight vigil and lantern lighting for  Cali Weishaupl, freshman. C. Weishaupl passed away on Sept. 1 from a rare form of bone cancer, but her memories live on in her family and friends.

Dylan Miller, President of the Freshmen Student Government Association, organized the event to honor C. Weishaupl. Rainer Weishaupl, father; Rebecca Martinez, best friend; and some of her closest friends JadaKate Judkins, sophomore; Hope Mask, freshman; and Sophie Donaldson, freshmen spoke her life and their memories of her.

“She was a good person and a great friend,” Marinez said. Martinez shared C. Weishaupl’s positivity. R. Weishaupl spoke of the relationships she developed since moving here in 2011. R. Weishaupl gave the students insight into C. Weishaupl’s life and how she impacted the world.

“It was her strong faith in Jesus Christ that got her through,” Rainer said. The Weishaupl family will be hosting a Celebration of Life on Sept. 10 at Turning Point Church.

Weishaupl’s friends say their goodbyes with a lantern to a girl who will never be forgotten. Family and friends shared their grief together.

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