Color Guard member,Alex Shofman, freshman, proudly shows off her vibrant flag. The color guard members were radiant and danced showing off their vivid colors to the crowd.

Ashley Edwards

Marching Mustangs present Chameleon at Dinner and a show

September 24, 2018


The Marching Mustangs marched their way into the spotlight with their colorful, new show ‘Chameleon’ at their annual event, Dinner and a Show on Saturday, Sep. 8. The band held the event to showcase their competition ready pieces for students and parents to see what they have been working on.  

“The marching band debuts their full production from start to finish for the first time of the season, it’s a long production so it takes every second of band camp, which starts July 9, to dinner and a show which is September 8 for it to be done,” James McDonald, assistant band director, said.

The Marching Mustangs have been working hard on their show since Jul. 9 through their strenuous band camp, leading up to their first showcase, Dinner and a Show. This is a chance for the band to present their progress with the show.

“We’re always going to be adding stuff, but thats [Dinner and a Show] like the first ‘hey this is the full thing’,” Mcdonald said.

The show helps keep the band directors on track with their schedule, while also teaching the students their music to know before their big competition.

“We are put under pressure to finish the thing, so we are not finishing it the week of the competition,” Mcdonald said.

Parents compliment the execution of the show and how its a good opportunity to not only see the show but have it explained. The event shows how their production evolved from concept to the field, gives a new perspective on what to look for.

“Absolutely i think it’s a good way to get involved because when you come [to a football game] , you see what the football team does, you see what the band, its interpretation, you need to come support them,” Rosemary Ahonen, mother of senior,color guard member, Amy Ahonen, said.

Under the watchful eyes of their parents and their piers, the Marching Mustangs blow the crowd away with their 10 minute production.The first half of the event pauses in between each movement to help guide you through what will go on in the show. After that they perform all of their pieces uninterrupted without a hesitant step.

“If you’re not standing on your feet before the end of the show we haven’t done it correctly,” Mcdonald said.

The performers are excited about their show, from the freshman who look forward to their first, to the seniors who will be performing their last. Freshman face the field and look onto what might be the start of their new marching experience.

“[Performing] fills you with nervous energy and excited energy,” Freshman, clarinette, Laurel Ardis said.

Some say although marching band may have been hard at first it gets better over time, and it’s well worth it to execute all their hard work onto the field.

“It’s like it [their hard work] all built up to this [dinner and a show] and then it finally all got released,” senior, baritone, Jack Thompson said.

Some seniors say that they would definitely come back after they’ve graduated. The senior Marching Mustangs reflect on all of the people they’ve met and all of the things that they’ve been able to do at their final dinner and a show.

Sweaty faces and huge smiles pour off of the field at the end of a show well done.

Lucille Taylor
The trombones march into the spotlight with their feature in the 2018-19 show ‘Camelian’. The band has included the trombones after previous years of not including them in the marching.


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