Mustangs and Wildcats Prepare for Battle


Ashley Edwards

The mustangs storm out onto the field ready for the game. The team was excited to play against their rivals, Locust Grove.

Ashley Edwards, Trenton Hill, and Gaby Holub

For their last game before the break, the Mustangs hosted the Locust Grove Wildcats to an intense rivalry game on Sep. 14. Both teams anticipated the game as the enthusiasm was felt from each of their fans from both sides of the field.

Things kicked off and the first possession of the ball game was action packed as the Wildcats scored the first touchdown of the game with ease. Ola fought back to get on the scoreboard, but they fell short as they fumbled the ball and the Wildcats managed to scoop it up before the Mustangs had a chance.

The Wildcats pounded the ball from one end of the field to the other, tallying a total of three touchdowns all in the first quarter. Although things seemed a little rattled for the Mustangs, they did not give up the fight as they managed to score their first points of the game in the second quarter.

The standout from the Mustang efforts on the offensive side was without a doubt the Junior Running Back, #31, Karl Kennedy, as he tallied a total of three touchdowns in times in which the Mustangs needed them the most.

Despite the many efforts brought forth by the Mustangs, they were not able to match the intensity of the Wildcats, giving the Wildcats the slight edge that they needed to secure the victory.

At the sound of the end of regulation, the Wildcats left the field victorious in a 47-27 win over the Mustangs. Besides the point that the Mustangs couldn’t come away with a win, Jared Zito, head coach, seemed pretty content about their approach to games in the future during their post-game huddle on the field.

After the loss, the Mustangs are ready to come back on Sept. 28 for their Homecoming game, where they will host the Stockbridge Tigers.