Mighty Mustangs Showcase Their Talents

Ashley Wilhelm and Payton Disario

On Monday, Sept. 12, Ola’s Mighty Mustangs stormed the field as parents and peers cheered them on. The Mighty Mustangs are a team of special needs students who play flag football against other special needs teams in Henry County.

“It makes everyone feel welcomed, no matter what disability someone has, like they can do anything someone else can do,” Regan Zakrewski, junior, said.

Zakrewski was one of many students cheering the Mustangs on.

The stands had the same aura as kids in a candy shop. The laughter ran down the field almost as quickly as the team did. Nearly everyone present wore a grin from ear to ear.

The Mighty Mustangs would not be possible without coaches Jonathan Brown and Daniel Delair. The endless support of the Partners Club, cheerleaders and all the parents, teachers, and enthusiastic students also help bring the program to reality.

Nonetheless, struggles are still everpresent. It always feels like there is never enough time. Those involved also must find a balance between teaching the students to want to win and how to have good sportsmanship.

“These kids are so grateful. They’re not so weighed down by the world,” Rachel McGaha said.

McGaha is a special needs teacher at Ola High School and is devoted to helping the kids she spends every day with feel comfortable in day to day life.

“When you leave the Mighty Mustangs football game, you just feel happy,” McGaha said.

The Mighty Mustangs continue their season at Ola High School against Heritage Oct. 1.