Local Talent Raps her way to the Top


Photo courtesy of Jyana Ow

A shot from Ow’s video. “Because it is a snippet, I did not include as much visuals as I would for the actual video,” Ow said.

Ashley Wilhelm , Managing Editor

Jyana Ow, junior, better known as Diiamond is an aspiring artist and put her foot in the door using her social media along with her YouTube channel. Ow posted a teaser for her upcoming music.

“For the snippet I posted on YouTube, I wanted people to get a feel of where I was coming from,” Ow said.

Ow’s teaser video is for a song named “NEVER KNOW”. She makes a point to put her song title in all caps. and features elements of her life along with her connection with God. The setting of the video is at a Church.

“Church is a place I could pour all my feelings out to God,” Ow said.

Having a Church be her setting for her first music video was very important to her because she felt that it is a holy location and made her nerves subside.

Photo courtesy of Jyana Ow
Ow wearing her attire for her video in front of the church. Ow planned the specific location due to her strong faith.

“I was excited to present my part to the world but listening to my music and being there live on set; actually letting my feelings out to the world made me feel empty as I was in the making of the song,” Ow said.

Her future entails staying steady and pushing herself to do better than before. She is excited to make music for her friends and family to enjoy whilst continuing to make herself proud in the process. Ow also plans to further empower female artists in the industry that she is making herself a part of.

“I will continue to spread positivity across the universe,” Ow said.


Link to Ow’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQxvoTBmwQtRX2CBEBEGuIQ