Mustangs Kickoff for Homecoming Week


Trenton Hill

Christopher Curtiss, coach, discusses the game plan during a time out. The Mustangs were eager to get back into the game.

Trenton Hill, Sports Editor

The Mustangs hosted the Stockbridge Tigers for this year’s Homecoming game and as expected, both teams entered the field with high levels of intensity on Sept. 28, 2018. The Mustangs barged through the tunnel and onto the field as the Mustang cheerleaders and fans cheered them on.

The Tigers began the game on the receiving end of the kickoff and battled their way downfield with ferocity. To the Mustangs’ surprise, the Tigers scored the first points of the game.

As the second quarter approached, the Tigers managed to put seven more points onto the scoreboard while the Mustangs fought to put up their first three points of the game. Despite the quick efforts and momentum brought forth from the retaliation of the Mustang offense to put some points onto the board, the Mustang defense could not bare enough of that momentum to hold the Tigers to their fourteen points as #4, Markell Ramsey, scored another touchdown off of a run play in the second quarter.

Once halftime rolled around, the Tigers exited the field with a tremendous amount of energy as they held a 21-3 lead over the Mustangs, while the Mustangs walked off the field disappointed in their first half efforts, and as a result, the Tiger offense came out the gates and added more points in their section. Although the game narrowed to an end and the Tigers held an intimidating lead, the Mustangs pushed their way downfield to score their first touchdown of the game, but the Tigers came right back with another touchdown of their own.

Regardless of the fact that the Tigers were up multiple possessions in the fourth, the Mustang coaching staff remained confident, but the Tigers kept forcing the ball downfield to continue the chain of touchdowns as #2, Javon McDonald, scored mid-quarter to make the score 42-10. Despite being down by quite a few points, senior wide receiver and defensive back, #13, Joseph Miller, continued to encourage the Mustangs to stay on their feet and keep fighting although he himself was not able to play due to an injury.

Both Tigers and Mustangs continued to battle on both ends, which unfortunately resulted in an injured Tiger, #52, Jordan Wheat. Wheat suffered from a concussion and was carried off of the field on a stretcher. He was reported to be in a stable state and had not broken any bones.

After the brief pausing due to injury, the Tigers did not take their foot off of the gas as #5, Jalen Jackson, scored yet another touchdown for Stockbridge, making the final score 48-10. The Mustangs now hold an overall season record 1-5, and a 0-3 record in their region.

Mustangs will be back in action on Friday, Oct. 5 at Woodland High School. Kickoff is at 7:30pm.