DiSario wrestles his way into Stanford University


Courtesy of Anthony DiSario

DiSario prepares for college and enjoys his senior year. After he visited Stanford, Disario knew it was the school for him.

Maria Adams, Copy Editor

Courtesy of Anthony DiSario
DiSario competes for his third state champion award with a tough schedule of continuous training. He began training as a child athlete but remembers the need to train harder.

Jackson DiSario, senior, heads to Stanford on superior athletics and impressive academics. DiSario is not only a two-time state champion, Varsity wrestler and plug-and-play athlete, a student in the top 15 of his graduating class, an AP participant and an All A’s Honor Roll student.

DiSario spends his time training, competing and studying. On Aug. 29, 2018, Stanford accepted DiSario due to dedication put into his athletes and academics.

“[DiSario is] quietly driven…he pushes really hard but he does not wear it on his sleeve,” Katrina Pandya, AP biology and anatomy teacher, said.

DiSario’s dedication to his education in AP biology pleased Pandya.

“The number of times he was not here was not an excuse for not getting the assignment done or not knowing the material,” Pandya said.

She teaches DiSario anatomy and enjoys having him in her class.

“I was never given the option to put forth anything less than my absolute best effort in the classroom,” DiSario said.

DiSario’s parents are both educators and raise their children to understand the importance of it.

“An honor to be a part of his journey,” Joey DiNino, head wrestling coach, said.

DiNino has worked with DiSario for about 15 years since DiSario began youth wrestling, and DiNino watched the growth of an athlete with a smile and enjoyed teaching DiSario.

“Without wrestling, I wouldn’t be me,” DiSario said.

DiSario has been wrestling since kindergarten, and he continues practicing and training. He believes Stanford picked him due to his athletic ability, and it was the reason he set the goal to get into a prestigious school.

With a five percent acceptance rate, Stanford University has its top pick in students, and other highly regarded colleges offered DiSario scholarships. Both parties are lucky to have benefit from this arrangement.

DiSario is excited about the new chapter of his life as a student athlete at Stanford.