Single or Stuck?

Gaby Holub, Social Media Manager

As the time of year roles around where the single fever kicks into high gear and where couples take the pages of Instagram , Twitter and Snapchat…I wondered are we ever really single?

Growing up in a world where society dictates who to love and how to love it seems only fair to assume when we are not in a relationship, we want to be in one, or think about being in one.

While love seems to be in full bloom as the holidays kickoff, do we date as a habit or as a way to not have that “single” feeling in the the most wonderful time of year?

Homecoming kicks off with one thing on the girls mind and it is “Who is going to be my date?” It then turns into “spooky season,” to find your “boo” for all of those perfect farm and pumpkin patch photos that in turn will receive the most amount of likes and comments.

After halloween it turns to Thanksgiving where the posts about love and loyalty appear as they sit down to thanksgiving together with each others family and they portray the perfect couple. As Christmas comes into the picture, the tune changes as suddenly out of the blue breakups start to occur. Is it due to lack of money, a vacation that comes up, or simply loss of feeling after that small period of bliss?

Do people feel stuck and obligated to be in relationships during this Instagram season or is it just a coincidence that occurs every year?

For single girls, it is the time for friends and family. It means trips to Ponce City Market for pictures, shopping for matching Halloween costumes that are slightly embarrassing but convey your friendship. It is the hour drives to Christmas tree farms and Christmas shopping in Lenox and Perimeter.

For single boys, it is catching the game Friday night with the boys and heading back to the house to catch up and play video games. It means Sunday afternoons filled with sport events and bonding. It is driving up to see a movie or heading to a new restaurant and chilling after.  

The stuck aspect come into play when your in that relationship during that most wonderful time of year and you see your single friends out with their girls or guys hanging out after the game,  but your at home with your significant other. Is that why relationships fail?

Do we only want to be in relationships when it is convenient for us and when we know we are going to get those likes and comments? I wondered does being stuck come with being single also?

While being single comes with freedom and unforgettable memories the same can be said about being in a relationship. Those memories together captured by a single photograph posted online portrays a couple with no worries and sparkle in their eyes.

Although relationships with your significant other are important is the relationship with friends equally as important?

At the end of the day are we envious of the single girls and guys and jealous of the guys and girls in relationships?  Single or stuck are we ever truly one or the other?

We are never stuck. We make the conscious choice to be with friends or a significant other. While there may be days you wish to be with one or the other, you always have a choice.