Beta strives for excellence


Bronlyn Holland

Hope Mathews, sophomore, listens to what Rebecca Young, Beta sponsor, has to say about the organization. Young has been the Beta sponsor for 10 years and loves to open each year with a bang.

Isabella Chapman, Staff Writer

As Rebecca Young, Beta Sponsor, starts up Beta club this year, many students are left wondering why they should join Beta.

”[Beta is] Somewhere where you learn leadership, learn how to help people who aren’t just yourself, and help other people by making money for them,” Kassidy Young, freshman, said.     

Beta is more than a scholarship, it’s a way to help the community and show leadership in everyone’s abilities to be socially active. K. Young’s mom is the Beta sponsor.

“I think she just does a really good job with it and inspires a lot of people to go and do other things and participate in the community,” K. Young said.

Students have been able to see a clearer picture about what they are serving for rather than for who. Beta is for people who want to make a change in the community rather than sitting back and doing nothing.

“The concept of community services and charity is probably one of our main goals, so we try to encourage students to give of themselves to others,” R. Young said.

Getting these students to put themselves out in the community, helps her  to focus on leadership and community.

Students can participate in projects that positively influence the community, and help others. R. Young wants students to see the bigger picture of what they are apart of by helping the community.

Katie Williams, freshman, is a hard-working student who wants to help the community.

“I always thought that a ‘Beta kid’ is a smart and intelligent person who really loves to help out people. Being someone who is going into Beta, I look at it as someone who is well on task and well focused,” Williams said.

Williams never understood what being in Beta meant until she went to the first meeting. Being in Beta is a lot more than what she thought it was going to be.

Beta is also a great way to meet people and to make great connections. Leadership is important in Beta and choosing a leader is even more important.

Taylor Johnson, Christina Le, Erica Degue, Bailey Bair, and Madeline Crawford, seniors, are the officers of Ola’s Beta Club. They each take care of their relative jobs and make sure that no student is left behind.

Johnson, president, has shared that communication is key in such a high job. She puts in the time and effort to make sure that everything is taken care of.

Le, treasurer, makes sure all dues are met and that nobody is falling behind.  

“Beta is an important club for me because it allows for me to help my community. It’s not just about the service hours, which everyone thinks it’s about. I like how we are so involved with the community,” Le said.

Degue, secretary, records the hours of each student while she also makes sure that each student has fulfilled their hours at the end of the year. These hours are to make sure that each student is involved within the community.

Bair and Crawford, executive committee members, are always there to help. They answer any question that is asked and know where to lead members if they don’t have the answers.

The next meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018.