Barfield and Folser crowned homecoming queen and king

EJ Mclean, staff writer

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The Mustangs celebrated another Homecoming Friday, Sept 28. Students nominated to the Court experienced recognition for their involvement and representation in school activities.

Zac Aaron, junior, has been on the Homecoming Court prior to this school year and says that this year’s experience will be even more memorable to him because of the improvements that came along with preparing for the Homecoming game from last year.

Judith Boggs, Aaron’s grandmother, says that Aaron takes pride in his work and that she is very proud about the accomplishments that he has achieved.

“I’m very proud of [Aaron]. He works very hard and has pride in his schoolwork and he makes all A’s, all the time. He’s really special to me and I’m glad that he’s doing this once again,” Boggs said.

“I will always remember this experience, it is a really great moment and I love it,” Aaron said.

Dylan Miller, freshman Homecoming Court representative found the experience to be enjoyable. The parade was most engaging to him.

What he recommends to next year’s freshman class is to get involved in extracurricular activities and be well known amongst their classmates.

“My experience has been pretty good. The workload is pretty stressful at times, but it’s been pretty good and this was enjoyable,” Miller said.

The 2018 Homecoming Queen and King are seniors Emma Barfield and Devin Folser.  

“It’s crazy. I never thought that I would be Homecoming Queen, but it was pretty cool because people voted for me, so it’s nice,” Barfield said.

Savannah Simpson, the Homecoming Queen of 2017, crowned both winners. Simpson said it  was an emotional evening.

“It was so awesome and so weird at the same time coming back for the second time since I graduated. To see all my friends. Ashton, because he couldn’t come, it was so cool to crown both of them and with the rain and stuff, it just makes it so special and memorable,” Simpson said.