Students participating in the national organization. The organization has hosted keynote speakers to speak at events.

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Young Americans for Freedom Promote Civility

Young Americans for Freedom is a club formed by Griffin Sheffield and sponsored by Cherish Donaldson.

October 24, 2018

“[They] wanted to begin a club where they could meet together and talk about current issues and events in a political climate,” Donaldson said.


Conservative leaders founded YAF, in 1960, to advocate conservatism and speak out against the liberal agenda.


“We just want to welcome all perspectives and opinions,” Donaldson said.


Sheffield created the club based on the national organization though there are differences. The club still looks at former President Reagan’s views but encourages other perspectives and civil discussions.


“I felt like there was a lack of being able to share ideas without criticism and without immediate lashback from people around you,” Sheffield said.


The club has been trying to recruit members by having their club be announced on the morning announcements along with having a float in the homecoming parade. Sheffield strives for a more diverse club with a wide range of perspectives. 

“That’s what I’m striving for… stability””

— Sheffield


Even with Sheffield striving for diversity and a safe environment for open-discussion, someone on social media posted that they were going to go against the club while using derogatory language at them. Though nothing resulted from the threat, the act still created a dark picture for the YAF students.


“[The comment] paints a negative picture for people who want to open up discussion,” Sheffield said.


Sheffield believes that the best way to be rid of the negativity is to have more people join and experience the dynamic of the club. Sheffield organized his club strategically and begins meetings with ground rules.


“That’s what I’m striving for…stability,” Sheffield said.


If you are interested in joining the discussion, the club hosts meetings every other Wednesday, and their next meeting is Oct. 17.


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