Cross country races to the finish line

Jedea Cook, Staff writer

Running with more than just team spirit, the cross-country team took on the “Release the Hounds Invitational” in Jones County.

The cross-country team chanted this motto as they left the bus.

“C is for Ola that’s good enough for me, C is for Champion that’s good enough for me,”

Torrance McGee, head coach, said.

Being part of the team makes me want to train harder,”

— Katelyn Kominski


“Being part of the team makes me want to train harder,” Katelyn Kominski,junior, said. Kominski ran Varsity and finished with a strong sprint. She pushed through hard times with thoughts of helping the team receive Triple Crown.

Parker Campbell, senior, took third place contributing to the team’s goal, exciting new exchange student Anna Schnabel, junior, from Germany.

“ I thought it was a great opportunity to stay fit and meet new people, and yes I’ve made many good friends here.”  Schnabel was also excited about her personal record being down one to two minutes.

Not only was she excited about being on the team, but so were her peers.

“She[Anna Schnabel, junior] is very friendly, and she let alone welcomes even more diversity to the team showing other exchange students that branching out is scary but worth it,” Tamia Henderson, junior, said.

Dialing down to the end of the meet, Ryan Little, sophomore explained his passion of being a first-year runner on the team.

“ I was planning on joining track but then my friend Eli told me tryouts for cross-country were that day so I just went,”  Little said.

This last-minute decision resulted in his first time stepping in for someone and experiencing cross-country in a way he had not before.

“Running my first 5K, I wasn’t supposed to run it, I had only one week of training and we are supposed to have two weeks of training with the rest of the team but we were short a person so I had to run it,” Little said

The Mustangs cross country will proudly participate in the Region 4 AAAAA Championships at Locust Grove High School Oct. 20,2018