College Fair Proves that Family is the Best Support System


Ola’s student ambassadors work the event with a welcoming attitude. Guests came and went with a smile.

Payton DiSario, Copy Editor

More often than not, parents and guardians only want the best things for their children. This has shown to be especially true for seniors searching for colleges, as was evident at Ola’s annual College Fair which took place on Oct. 4.

“I want her to find where she’ll be happy in college. I just want her to travel and explore and find who she is,” said Danett Rice, mother of Shailynn Rice, senior.

According to S. Rice, D. Rice does everything she can to encourage S. Rice throughout this life-changing decision and process.

“She’ll support me in whatever I choose to do. It helps me a lot because it makes me more confident in the choices I make,” S. Rice said.

Rice was not the only senior at Ola’s College Fair who knows her family supports her. Connor Fullerton, senior, also knows that his family has very similar views as him.

“I’d like to make something of my life. I don’t want to have to struggle and I want to find something I’m happy with,” Fullerton said.

Fullerton’s grandparents, who attended Ola’s College Fair with him, could not agree with him more.

“We’d really like to see Connor get a good start in life,” said Ann Marie Ellis, Fullerton’s grandmother.

With the support of his grandparents, at Ola’s College Fair, Fullerton decided that the college of his dreams is the Universal Technical Institute.

“[The Universal Technical Institute is] Something that fits my needs, a lot of cars have a lot of computers in them that need programming so I need a school that will teach me that best,” Fullerton said.

Brenda Boonstra, a representative from Piedmont College, sees kids being supported by their families nearly every day. Boonstra also left Ola’s seniors with some advice.

“Make your high school counselor your best friend because they know about all the scholarships. But also, GPA does matter. A lot of schools still require the SAT score or the ACT score, so test scores do matter. But, really, have some goals. Keep your doors open, keep your mind open to possibilities,” Boonstra said.

If Ola seniors missed the event and are interested in learning more about college options, they can talk to their counselors, who are more than happy to help.