AMDM Students Bring the Carnival to OES

Ola Elementary school students share laughs and have fun with Ola High School’s AMDM students.


David Shedd, principal, and Kevin Bagley, AMDM teacher, sharing a laugh as they compete to pop water balloons. Some of the carnival games were more unique from normal carnival games.

Emma Barfield, Business Manager

Students taking the class Advanced Math Decision Making (AMDM) had the chance to showcase their projects to Ola Elementary School students on Friday, Oct. 19. AMDM students put together a carnival game project for their current unit.

These projects are a grade for the AMDM students, but they are also for the elementary school students to have some fun and create a stronger bond with the two schools.

I think it’s cool that we were able to show the kids our project that we worked so hard on,”

— Kate Beacham, senior, said.


Kate Beacham, Kacie Baker, Nora Buraham, and Azia Holmes, seniors, created “Toilet Paper Toss” which is a spin on classic toss carnival games. The game consists of the player trying to throw a toilet paper roll into a toilet seat.

“It [the game] has been pretty successful and a lot of kids have played the game. Teachers have also taken pictures of it,” Beacham said.

Another twist on carnival toss games was “Snake In My Boot”. The goal of this game was to get the rubber snake into a cowboy boot.

“It was actually kind of a coincidence how it [the game] came together. I had found rubber snakes in my basement and I knew that Hayden [Stapp] had some cowboy boots, so we just kind of merged the ideas together,” Alex Richards, senior, said.

While a lot of AMDM students had carnival tossing games, some created luck and race games. Jada Cook and Calye Beale, seniors, produced the game “Dipping Ducks”. The point of the game was to randomly pick rubber ducks out of the tub, if you received one with a smiley face on the bottom, you are awarded with a candy prize.

“The game has been really successful, a lot of kids keep coming back because it’s such an easy way to get more candy,” Cook said.

Hayden Stapp, senior, watching the children enjoy their game. Most kids said that this game was their favorite.
Jada Cook and Cayle Beale, seniors, watching as kids play their game. Most of the kids favorite part was being able to get candy from “the big kids”.

Valorie Tate, AMDM teacher, plans to continue this tradition for the following years to bond the schools closer and to have a little fun with some math.