Seniors Trick Or Treat One Last Time


Seniors collect maps of rooms with candy. They would go to.

Nick Bates, Writer


Oct. 31, Senior Trick or Treating is a annual tradition at Ola in which seniors get involved in a childhood activity before they graduate. Seniors wear a costume of their choice that follows with dress code,and teachers who want to participate email Graduation Coach Joe Caldwell. It begins at 7:45 am and students are given a list by Caldwell of room numbers of teachers participating. The seniors walk up to the rooms and collect treats from the teachers. The event starts wrapping up around 8 am and everyone has to be out of costume and in class by 8:15 am. 

“It’s fun and gives the kids a last chance to enjoy their childhood” Caldwell said about why the event is hosted. Senior, Ariana Davis enjoys it because “I like the candy and dressing up”.