Dates do NOT require money

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Dates do NOT require money

Gaby Holub, Social Media Editor

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On more than one occasion, there is always the stigma of the perfect date. You found the perfect girl that you’re crazy about and you get excited and then reality hits. You are broke and Mom and Dad do not plan on funding this amazing date you have planned out. Do you get creative or cancel?

Most girls now love the good ole traditional movie and dinner date where you fake the yawn to put an arm over them. So, instead of spending $12 for each ticket and $40 for a meal, put up a sheet in the backyard with a projector and make her dinner. Homemade goes further than store bought.

Money is not always necessary to make the perfect date.

Pick her flowers off the side of the road and surprise her when you pick her up. Invite her to family game night to get to know your family better. Grab her coffee before a big test. Anything that shows you care about her or that you are even thinking about her is guaranteed to make her day.

Money does not need to be spent for something to be considered a date. A date, by definition, is a social or romantic appointment, nowhere is it explicitly said that money needs to be spent.

While the idea of going out and spending money has been a way to impress girls since the beginning of time, things change. Girls today are no longer swooning over the shiny cars and big houses. Instead, they are looking for the genuine sign that you care about them.

Over the holidays, money gets tight when you realize all the gifts you have to buy for family, friends and teachers. Invite her to go holiday shopping with a lunch date and coffee. These little things matter the most.

Oftentimes, schools will do cute grams during the holidays that often are cute surprises for your girlfriend.

So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in your pocket. If you can come up with a way to show her that you are thinking about her, it will go further than any expensive date.

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