No Shave November Begins with Ample Support


Jedea Cook, Staff writer

Some of the male faculty and staff are competing in the third annual “No Shave November” challenge. They are challenged to grow out their beards and/ or mustaches until the last day of November .

Nick Ellis,Assistant principal went around and measured all 14 participating staff Oct. 30, 2018. The winner will be determined under length if beard and most creative beard design.

“We are going to some kind of fundraiser, I would like to incorporate fanny pack Friday, where you could fill an administrators fanny packs with donations.”,Ellis said

All donations and funds raised will be going toward Nicole Stowers,Science Teacher at Ola Middle School who is fighting breast cancer. Last year the Funds helped a former staff member,who  battled cancer with transportation and things they needed to make it through to the finish line.

“It’s [The no shave November fundraiser] going to help a family that we have here at Ola High School that’s afflicted with cancer,”Ellis said

This year’s extraordinary “Master of Ceremonies” is Robert Muzzillo, honors biology teacher. Being Ola’s own winner for the past two years, Muzzillo chose not to compete this year.

“He chose on his own, not that he’s not allowed back, he chose not to join because Mr.Muzzillo is the grand champion of beard growing.”, Ellis said.

Other staff members and students agree that if he entered this year, there would be no competition.

“ I don’t know how he does it, but he grows a beard faster than anyone on this planet.’’, Ellis said.

Jared Zito, football coach, is taking part in this event establishing a new rule. “The Jared Zito Rule” being applied to this year’s competition, allows staff members to shave their beards before any holiday family pictures.

“I was highly encouraged by the women in my family to shave it off.”,Zito said.

Teachers heat up the competition the further along it is.

“Their probably taking it to a whole nother level.” Freshman Emily Simpson said.


“ I don’t know how he does it, but he grows a beard faster than anyone on this planet.”

— Nick Ellis

The beard growing between staff takes a turn cutting close to the middle of the competition.

“As long as I beat Ellis, I’ll be okay,” Bagley said.

All results will be announced Nov. 31, 2018 to faculty and staff via email.