Chrome extensions offer users greater flexibility in learning


Hayden Kimble works on a school project using chrome applications in class. Kimble has used technology in classrooms prior to learning about the chrome extension applications.

When most people think of chrome do they think of cars? Or maybe they think of the new manicure trend everyone is obsessed with? Chrome has not only made itself a name in the world, but it has in schools as well.

Chrome extensions are the apps available for users to apply to in order to further their education. Dr. Nikki Gordon is an instructional coach for technology integration at Ola High School, helping teachers expand in ways to enhance their students learning assignments.

“I help teachers integrate technology based on the Georgia standard of excellence by working with them to master technology pieces with their students,” Gordon, said.

In the system, there are many different extensions that benefit everyone involved. While some are available to teachers and some to students, each integrates a vital piece of learning into their user’s brain.

Here are the six most popular chrome extensions:

EquatiO is a popular alternative for math teachers and math students that allows the user to create mathematical equations faster than ever by typing or writing the equation into the set box.  

Google Applications is a platform that allows students to access excel, Google Classroom, Word Document, and Powerpoint. These applications help students by allowing them to write essays and create diagrams by using a platform that utilizes all parts of the application.

Read and Write is another writing application that allows you to create and edit documents if you do not have access to the Google application extension. One of the many pros of using Read and Write is that it helps proofread your stories written and provides synonyms and antonyms for words used too many times.

Grammarly is a popular application for anyone who writes because it helps users improve the content of their writing by checking for weak sentences, passive voice, and punctuation errors. 

Screencastify is an application used to help students voice record over their power point and explain the information without being directly in front of the class. This is also beneficial for teachers when they are absent or there is a snow day and need to teach a lesson through Google Classroom.

Kami is one of the most popular applications used among high school students which allows them to carry thousands of books on a computer without lugging around the actual book. It allows students the ability to read and annotate texts that help them remember important parts necessary for classroom activities.

While there are many extensions that allow students to excel in school, these are some of the most effective ways in preparing students for classes and projects. Chrome Extensions are the new way for teachers and students to move past textbooks and papers and allow more technology in the classroom.