Writing Center Receives Grant for Renovations


Photo Courtesy of Lori Vincent

Students working the writing center. The center is always filled with students when a major paper’s due date is coming up.

Ashley Wilhelm, Managing Editor

The writing center hit the ground ‘writing’ and shows no signs of putting down. After the team’s training at Kennesaw State University, the center is open five days a week.

“[The writing center is] where kids can go to get help with their writing,” Meredith Green, senior, said.

The Writing Gurus created the center to be a place students can go to get help with their writing, to begin the writing process, or to just simply have someone listen to what they have written so far.

“I wanted kids to get more comfortable with their writing,” Lori Vincent, AP English teacher, said.

Vincent had the idea of starting a writing center at Ola after following the Kennesaw Mountain Writing Project. She experienced the dire need for a writing environment outside of the classroom after she found herself helping kids with their writing in the vending machine room. She feels that all students can write, they just need a space to do it.

“We want them to have that support,” Vincent said.

After a month of the Gurus using the former computer lab with its two wooden tables and a handful of chairs, Vincent submitted a grant to buy furniture and other necessary things for a full and functioning writing center.

“It’s not like the coziest but it’s definitely better than a classroom. There’s not like all those little square desks and people are being crammed next to each other, it’s pretty inviting relative to what we have but were obviously trying to make it a little better,” Hunter Chandler, senior and Writing Guru, said.

The team received the thousand dollar grant and is eager to begin renovating their space. They wish to buy tables, chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, bookshelves and more.

If the stars align correctly, they also wish to purchase a Keurig. They hope that if they make the environment more inviting, more people will come to them with their writing.

“I think it’s [the writing center] really underutilized by the rest of the students mainly because they don’t understand like really how much work you can get done if you go there,” Jack Thompson, senior, said.

The writing center is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday before school from 7:45-8:05 a.m. and Tuesday and Thursday after school until 3:45 p.m.