Students Apply Helpful Study Habits at Ola:


Kortney Huggins

Asia Draper, sophomore, study’s in the library for a biology test coming up. She used notes to study, and music to help her focus.

Kortney Huggins, Staff Writer

Each student has a different way of learning, whether it is a high school student solving an equation or a preschooler learning how to read; however, over time students figure out what teaching techniques help them learn best.

From taking tons of notes to using flashcards over and over, students know how they are going to retain the needed information. For some, it is reading over the content while for others it’s taking practice tests.

“Flashcards are the best thing that I always use to study. When I need to study for a test, especially in history… I write down some questions that test my knowledge then I write down all the stuff I need to know. Then I just go through the entire stack front to back to memorize it,” Luke Walker, junior, said.

For some students, it is easier for them to learn the material on their own at home.

“At school, we do really detailed notes with PowerPoints, but at home I use Quizlet. I just use it all, but it really depends. Like, I use the writing feature for Spanish and for chemistry because spelling counts. I don’t like flashcards though so I don’t really use that feature,” Ashley Barnett, sophomore, said.

Some useful study tips are to study in small sessions and take frequent breaks to walk around to clear your mind. But students can’t always do that in school.

To teach effectively in school and not overwhelm students, teachers try different ways to give out information. From worksheets to guided notes to hands-on activities, they are always trying to figure out what works best for their students.

While hands-on activities may work for some students, others prefer to use pen and paper to get the job done in school.

“Basically just taking notes. I learn easier just by writing down what the teacher says,” Avery Dye, sophomore, said.

For every student, education is very individualized and teachers are working to make sure they are getting the help they need.