Basketball season is in full effect for the Mustangs


Trenton Hill

Leroy Brown, junior, dials in during warm-ups before tip-off. Brown looked forward to helping the Mustangs secure a win.

Trenton Hill, Sports Editor

As many ‘hoopers’ may know, it is not easy to be efficient on the court and in the classroom. Basketball is a sport that you must show full commitment to and at times may seem like a handful to some, while seeming completely easy and simple to others.

“Staying on top of basketball and schoolwork was the biggest struggle. Some days I would come home after practice or a late game and I would not feel like doing anything other than resting,” Nia Johnson, junior said.

In addition, “Basketball makes me feel like I should do more in class”, Leroy Brown, junior, said.

“No. Basketball is a hard sport, but it is not overwhelming,” Brown said.

Furthermore, “No sport is easy to play while trying to balance out school at the same time, but if you are motivated on the court and in the classroom, you will be great,” Johnson said.

To help keep players motivated during the school hours, many players use different routines and procedures to prep for games. Brown informed us that he prefers to play music to help him get in the zone.

“I focus on my future, so I have to get good grades,” Brown said.

Also, Brown gave advice to underclassmen.

“Do not lack in school,” Brown said.

Additionally, former basketball player, Johnson, went on to add, “I would consider playing basketball for the school again, simply because it was great to get involved,”

Also, “It was also a great stress reliever,” Johnson said.

Despite the hardships that come along with being a high school basketball player, basketball seems to be a great thing to get involved in for students, but different people may have different outlooks.