Mustangs swing their way into SunTrust

The baseball team will once again play at SunTrust Park for the second year in a row.

Bronlyn Holland, Editor in Chief

The Mustangs will run the bases at SunTrust Park against the McIntosh Chiefs on April 20.

“It’s kind of one of those indescribable experiences…because you dream about playing in a major league [stadium]…For most people, that don’t ever happen, so to be able to go out there and play in a park like that… You can’t explain it. It’s hard to put into words because it’s like those once in a lifetime things,” Michael Edwards, head coach, said.

The Atlanta Braves invited the team to play, and they have the opportunity to pick their opponent for the game.

“At first they email back with different schools saying ‘Hey these schools are interested’ and then last year, Union Grove and Locust Grove had done it four or five years prior to us playing Union Grove then Locust Grove backed out and wanted to play someone different, so that’s why we got invited to play Union Grove, and then this year Union Grove backed out so the lady from the Braves had asked me ‘Hey do you know anybody else willing to play’ and I guess it takes a little work off of her, so that’s how… we ended up playing McIntosh this year,” Edwards said.

Last year, the Mustangs struck out the Union Grove Wolverines at SunTrust Park and gained experience playing there.

“It was a lot of fun, because you get to see a lot of the ACC and SEC schools playing, see all of your idols play and being on that field in a brand new park is just really fun, especially getting to play on it the next four years,” Evan Boyle, senior, said.

Patrick Holloman, junior, hit a home run at last year’s game. The game was a highlight of his high school baseball career.

“It was crazy. I was a big dream of mine just going over there and playing and watching them on TV and just seeing all the MLB guys and then going out there and actually playing on the same field as them,” Holloman said.

While the game is a great experience for the team, the Mustangs must raise $11,500.

“They [Braves] give you[coaches] a calendar of the home games, and you get tickets for up to five games. Well depending on what game it is, depends on the value of how much it costs us for the ticket…Any player will have this sale sheet and it’s like a pre-order… Each kid has to sell I think 25 game tickets to help cover that cost [of $11,500], ” Edwards said.

The Braves tickets can be bought for the following games: April 28 against the Colorado Rockies, May 19 against the Milwaukee Brewers, June 17 against the Mets, Aug. 22 against the Miami Marlins and Sept. 3 against the Toronto Blue Jays. Each ticket is $10, but the Mustang’s game is free for everyone. Those who are interested in purchasing Braves tickets can see Edwards in room 108  for more information.