Crochet calms creative minds

Creative students find a new love for crochet.


Isabella Chapman

Salter helps Ashley Edwards get her first stitch down. Salter has been crocheting for many years.

Emma Barfield, Business Manager

School can be stressful and boring especially for young creative minds. Deb Salter and Lori Vincent, experienced crocheters, provide students with a relaxing environment.  

“Crochet helps students unplug from technology and is therapeutic. It can be stressful at first, but once you start understanding how to do it,” Vincent said.

Since the beginning of December, the group has been meeting after school on Mondays. Crocheters come to these meetings to explore the peace one can find in the ancient art of crochet, while others attend to escape the realities of life.  

“I learned how to crochet over the summer, but crochet club has given me space to actually make time for it and fully immerse myself into this craft for a while,” Maia McDonald, senior, said.

For people that are not new to crochet, they attend crochet to find some relief or to let their creative side flow. Most of the time, creative students find themselves stranded, crochet is helping these students find some peace while still being in a school setting.

“In today’s society, I feel like everything moves so fast. I started crocheting because I was inspired by the idea of creating something slowly,” Kenedi Mitchell, senior, said.

Isabella Chapman
Kenedi Mitchell helps to teach the newcomers how to properly do a single stitch. Mitchell started crocheting in late August.

Many students expressed how they would love to learn the art because of their teachers passion for crochet.

“I started coming because it is an activity that isn’t overly popular amongst young people. It’s something I never really thought about learning until Vincent started showing students how to do it,” David Beck, senior, said.

Students that are new to the art of crochet found themselves loving the skill while also being with their friends. Crochet meetings give guidance for people to build their relationships by giving friends something to learn together.

“I came to crochet club because it sounded fun, and it was something that I and my friends could do together,” Lydia Nobles, junior, said.

Older generations inspired many students to learn because crochet is a way for students to grow closer to the people they love.

“My grandma is a ‘professional crocheter’, and I was super jealous because she could make cool stuff. I wanted to be able to do things like this with her,” Hayli Bryant, senior, said.

The meetings will continue after school on Mondays. For those willing to learn, the supplies are 10 dollars, and all are welcome. For more information, swing by room 120 or 324. They hope to see you there to sit and stitch.