Lockers keep Students Prepared for Emergencies:

Students learn how to use emergency lockers.


Kortney Huggins

The mission of Stop The Bleed is to educate students and staff in schools across Georgia on what to do in the event of an emergency. 55 students at Ola have been trained along with the administrators.

Kortney Huggins, Staff Writer

While walking through the halls of Ola, one may notice random lockers with alarm systems on there and wonder what they’re for, but the lockers are not randomly placed. They are designed to be used during emergencies to provide aid to the injured as part of a program called “Stop The Bleed.”

“The Stop The Bleed – School Response Program is designed to enable school teachers, nurses and staff to render immediate, potentially life-saving medical aid to injured students or co-workers while awaiting the arrival of professional responders,” according to the Georgia Trauma Foundation.

Along with the emergency lockers, there are smaller emergency kits stored with the fire extinguishers along the halls.

“The ones in the fire extinguishers are just to stop the bleed, just turacates. The stuff that is in the lockers is actual first aid supplies like splints, pressure dressings, slings and heavy packing material,” said Daniel Stowers, public safety teacher and Stop The Bleed sponsor, said.

The initiative of the program is to have students and staff throughout Georgia prepared in the event of an emergency.

“Emergencies could be any type of man-made or natural disasters, when we need extensive first-aid like slings, tunicates, stuff like that. We have 55 students who have gone through Stop The Bleed training. They know how to use tunicates and do pressure dressings,” Stowers said.

Students complete training in Stowers’ public safety class, as well as in Heidi Bartlett, healthcare science teachers, class where they are taught which kit to use and how to use them.

“We went over it with like a bunch of powerpoints and stuff, and then we did a bunch of outside training. It was a bunch of hands-on stuff,” Dani Secrest, junior, said.

Students who are not in Stowers’ or Bartlett’s classes but want to be trained, can still go though the training course. Stowers hopes to have another 100 to 200 students put through the training.

“Were thinking about doing some voluntary training, maybe during fourth period or before and after school, for both students and staff,” Stowers said.

Stop The Bleeds mission is to prepare students and staff throughout the state for emergencies. According to, excessive blood loss can result in the injured person dying in just five minutes. Stop The Bleed is striving to ensure that the bystanders can perform aid and prevent blood loss.

The administration and many teachers at Ola are trained with Stop The Bleed to render help during an emergency, along with sports coaches already being CPR and AED certified.