Powell signs her future to Reinhardt University


Isabella Chapman

Powell poses with Daniel Stowers, lacrosse coach, for a picture with the coach. Stowers has known Powell since she was a little girl.

Isabella Chapman and Bronlyn Holland

Ali Powell, senior, heads to Reinhardt University with a lacrosse scholarship. During her time at Reinhardt University, Powell will be studying nursing in hopes of becoming a neonatal nurse.

“It’s a really good school, it’s a private school, it’s really little, and like, their class size are really small,” Powell said.

The scholarship not only drew Powell to Reinhardt University, but the university’s atmosphere provided an incentive of attending.

“I think she will be fine at Reinhardt and do really well getting her degree,” Jessica Stephens, assistant lacrosse coach, said.

Reinhardt offers Powell a scholarship that will help Powell pay her way through college while still being able to play the sport she loves. Some say Powell is a great all-around player, which gives Powell the extra encouragement to being offered a scholarship for the sport she loves.

“Ali is a very versatile player. She has had wonderful skills as a goal and also on the field, she can do both she is an incredibly talented young lady,” Stephens said.

Others call her the “mother” of the team because she is an all-around player and friend. She cares for everyone on the team and loves to fill her role to the best of her ability.

“Ali is the team mom. She is absolutely wonderful. She is always prepared. She is always the person that will pick you up if you have a problem, or if you are feeling down about yourself, she always does it in a very lovely realistic way,” Stephens said.

She is a team player and is always looking forward to helping others.

“She is so nice and fun to be around, she is always willing to help out. She is always on her A game and she is very competitive during games,” Madeline Garrett, junior, said.

Daniel Stowers, head lacrosse coach, has known Powell since she was a little girl.

“The coach, Mr. Stowers, I think, he is a really awesome man and like I look up to him in how he uses sports to help him in life and how he uses it to connect with people,” Powell said.

Many people believe Powell will be successful in college while playing the sport she loves. Gidget Gue, athletic director, has high hopes for Powell.

“I think Ali has a bright future, that is the thing she is moving on to the next level and it’s a clean slate and the whole world is out there for, getting the opportunity to play lacrosse in college and get her academics in is fantastic,” Gue said.

Powell gives her teammates hope for them to move forward with lacrosse.

“I believe with Ola having such a young woman lacrosse program that this is an incredible opportunity for her and it’s a benefit for both her as a scholar and an athlete to get these scholarships, and I’m really excited to see where she goes with it,” Stephens said.

Everyone is so excited to see how she does with lacrosse, but they believe that she will do great.

“I’m so excited for her because as an athlete that is just another thing to keep you connected to the school and represent. There is also a few perks for athletes along the way,” Gue said.

Reinhardt has so much to offer her in her future. Everyone that supports Powell is happy and proud that she will be able to experience this.

“I’m so happy for her, she seemed super excited. I know her family is super excited and proud of her. I’m just super happy and proud that she can experience this opportunity,“ Garrett said.