Team 5203R competes to the top

Five VEX Robotics students are selected to travel to Washington, DC.


Hannah Irvin

Team 5203R smiling during a stressful tournament. The team got the opportunity to meet many good teams throughout the nation.

Emma Barfield, Business Manager

A weekend full of stress, dedication, and pride, VEX robotics team 5203R, Dalton Bobo, Logan Deabenderfer, Caden Kovzel, Hannah Irvin and Tucker MacFarlane, juniors, showcased their hard work at the Signature VEX Event: Night at the Museum. The event took place in Virginia from Jan. 24-27.

“5203R was specifically chosen because of our skills score, a separate part of tournaments where you score as much points as possible in one minute, was one of the top 3 scores in the state of Georgia,” Irvin said.

The group competed against some of the best teams in the nation and finished in 10th place out of 60 groups. Teams from all over the nation; Ola’s VEX contended with teams from 25 states, 19 states with teams in the top 3 Skills teams for the state, 88x Tournament Champions, 62x Skills Champions, 59 Excellence Awards.

“The dedication and passion they show is amazing.  Through these experiences they are learning teamwork, problem-solving, design, communication, and much more,” Christie Schmitt, VEX advisor, said.

For these students, stress and excitement filled their weekend as they competed against some of the best VEX teams but also made friendships with them. Additionally, this was a weekend for the team to have some bonding and make memories together.

“Meet[ing] all the teams I’ve heard really good things about and getting to know them. I got a few more friends now,” Irvin said.

If you would like to see the VEX teams robots in action, come see all of their hard work at the GA VEX State Championship on Feb. 9 at Ola.