‘Setting Up’ Feburary with Netflix Rom-Com

Photo courtesy of Netflix.


Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Ashley Wilhelm , Managing Editor

After a long and drawn out month of January filled with attempts to better ourselves, we enter February- the month of love. Naturally, watching one of Netflix’s popular rom-coms, ‘Set It Up’, is a must.

Blowing away critics, including Rotten Tomatoes that gave the film a 91%, the film follows two overworked and underpaid interns (Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell), trying to make it in the world. They both have ridiculously successful and strict bosses that work them to death. The interns tire of this and work together to attempt to set up the two bosses.

This movie did a great portrayal of a modern love story with how they handled Powell’s character and his struggle to keep his distant relationship alive. I think this connection really added some much needed depth to the film.

It was an easy transition between awkwardness and budding romance between the bosses and did not leave much to question.

This way of dating is so interesting because the probability of it working out in reality is slim. Obviously, love cannot be forced, yet the concept was executed well and was believable.

I honestly enjoyed the quirkiness of the film as well as the chemistry between the two main characters. In my opinion, they work well together and it is plausible. Having the mastermind  Claire Scanlon, who directed ‘The Office’ and ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, it is difficult to rate this poorly.

I expected a boring and predictable love story but this movie kept me interested with its many twists and turns such as the main male character already having a girlfriend and having to work through that. Also Pete Davidson makes an appearance as his ‘gay best friend’ and that was shocking but he played it well.

After finishing the film I was eager to recommend it to all of my friends and to all of our readers. This was a very interesting play on a rom com for the Valentine’s season and I feel that more people should check it out.

Rating: 8.5/10

Most Notable: The relatability to the characters and their personalities.