Seniors Mid year review


Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

With less than 50 days left until graduation, the class of 2019 enters their last couple of months of high school. Some seniors are dwelling on their last few months and they begin to open new chapters of their lives.

Many seniors are feeling giddy and chill, yet they are still making memories to last a lifetime.

Right now, this is a time to take action, have fun and say goodbye to grids and the tardy kiosk, because the seniors are leaving.

“A lot of my favorite memories have actually happened in yearbook like the conventions we’ve gone on, and tenth-grade year. I went to prom to take pictures, and I had a lot of fun there,” Erica Degue, senior, said.

At the end of the year, seniors will be getting ready to transition from high school to adulthood.

“In five years, I hope to have my own Youtube channel to do like hair and makeup, and just helping people,” Emma McGaha, senior, said.

The road up head for seniors is unclear and unknown, but for most, senior year is more than just to relax and have fun. It is also time buckle down for the trip out of the door.

“There’s a lot of other things that come with being a senior, like college applications, scholarships and we have to do all this other stuff like SAT and the ACT, then on top of that with all your other school work it gets really stressful,” Degue, said.

For other seniors, their just waiting in the wings for life to kick off.

“Not much has happened senior year. Just looking forward to graduating,” Ryan Rodgers, senior, said.

This senior class has more to look back on and even more to look forward to.

“I regret nothing, I lived everything to the fullest,” Brooks Gineris, grade, said.

Seniors of Ola High School will have their final moments in the Mustang stadium on May 24, 2019.

Seniors celebrate the last 50 days of high school. Many students created count downs since the beginning of school.