*SPOILERS* New Netflix “Comedy” is Anything but Funny

This is the scene that Duplass finds out he has the terminal disease. This was a scene from the trailer.

Photo courtesy Netflix

This is the scene that Duplass finds out he has the terminal disease. This was a scene from the trailer.

Ashley Wilhelm, Managing Editor

Paddleton, the newest Netflix Original to rock the critics and blow audiences away, has a whopping 91% from Rotten Tomatoes, making it a must-see for Netflix superfans.

Successful comedian and actor, Ray Romano (Andy), made a terrific duo with Mark Duplass (Micheal). They play two misfit-best friends and neighbors who do almost everything together.

I feel it is necessary to bring to light that this is in no way a comedy in my eyes. Paddleton invites dark humor into the mix at many points and if viewers are dealing with cancer in any way at the moment, I would suggest another movie.

Michael learns he has terminal cancer and decides to push it aside rather than discuss it with Andy, even though Andy was involved in the diagnosis. Michael makes the decision to take the medication to end his life since he has less than six months to live and his pain is only getting worse.

The plot of the film is the journey between the pair and their struggle to not let emotions overcome them. At many points, Andy showed he was not ready to say goodbye in many indirect ways and it showed how deeply he cared for him.

“Paddleton” aims to convey the importance of friendship. Romano and Duplass does this very well with their roles.

The connection between Romano and Duplass was very believable and their chemistry seems to come off of the screen. “Paddleton” is a game the two friends created and it was one of the many things that they bonded over. They revolved their lives around playing the game and watching Kung Fu movies together.

My biggest concern is that, after watching the trailer of this film, I presumed I had chosen a comedy. I did not expect such a heavy topic and a heartbreaking ending. With Romano as the lead, I anticipated a lighthearted film. If searching for something carefree, viewers will be sorely disappointed.

Though I did enjoy the humor, it was rare, creating an overall depressing film. The ending completely ripped my heart out. This film developed characters exceptionally, leaving the viewer beginning to really feel what Andy is going through and how he struggles to deal with his pain throughout the movie.

The movie ended and left my heart feeling ripped out of my chest. It ended bittersweetly with the knowledge that Michael is no longer in pain yet Andy now will carry that pain throughout the rest of his life. I would recommend this movie to those who are looking for a well planned out drama with an emotional plot.