College-Bound Students Prepare for Next Chapter


Photo courtesy of Shailynn Rice

Shailynn Rice, senior, searches for her future at Kennesaw State University. She made a commitment to be a KSU Owl.

Jedea Cook, Staff Writer

Times are changing for the seniors, and many have already begun applying to college and getting acceptance letters. Setting up a ladder to climb to the top, the seniors are driving into their futures swiftly savoring the fun times, before heading out.

Evan Boyle, senior, committed to Georgia Tech for baseball as sophomore. Before Georgia Tech he was scouted by Duke University and Louisiana State University.

“It’s pretty exciting because I’ve been wanting to go there and I get to live in the big city and it’s close to home, so it’s good in all worlds I guess you could say,” Boyle said.

Photo courtesy of Evan Boyle
Working hard, Evan Boyle, senior, is giddy for the rest of baseball season. With graduation around the corner, Georgia tech is where his heart is.

Looking back on his years in high school, there isn’t a thing he would change with school or on the baseball diamond.

“I don’t think I’d re-do anything honestly.

It teaches you about life because you’re not gonna win every single game that’s just the way baseball works. You’re gonna fail most of the time in life and it teaches you how to persevere,” Boyle said.”

— Evan Boyle

Not only is he preparing for college, but others like Shailynn Rice, senior, are too. She has committed to Kennesaw State University and will be majoring in Psychology.

Excited for graduation and setting off for her new school, she elaborates on reasons for choosing Kennesaw State University.

“I considered Augusta and the University of North Georgia, but Kennesaw State University stood out for three reasons. Their resources and tools have recently been updated, their environment is wonderful, I love the people and there’s lots to do,” Rice said.

Since the seniors time here at Ola is ending quickly, many are looking back at the friends they’ve made and if they will keep in touch with them in the next few years of their lives.

“To an extent. I want to keep meeting new people and keep up with college work so it won’t be often that I keep up with my current friends,” Macie Oliver, senior, said.

Courtesy of Macie Oliver
Macie Oliver, senior, looks forward to college. In January, Oliver explored Valdosta State University.

Even though their senior year is ending, they are heading towards new beginnings and striving for success.