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One Family - One Ola 4Our mission, as purveyors of news literacy, is to reflect the interests and activities of the Ola community through the use of ethical journalism standards.  The staff of the Hoof Print will research and report with accuracy, courage, independence, and integrity.

Editorials reflect the views of the advisory board, not the individual staff writers, adviser, or administration.

Signed opinion columns and reviews do not reflect the views of the entire staff, adviser, faculty, or administrators of Ola High School.

The Hoof Print  is an open forum for the exchange of comment and criticism.  It is open to students and others interested in Ola High School.  Recognizing this, the Hoof Print will print as many letters to the editor expressing different viewpoints as space allows.

Letters to the editor must be signed.  However, if the writer can prove to the advisory board the need to remain anonymous, and the board is convinced of both the validity and importance of the letter, the signature may be withheld.  If the board finds no validation for withholding the name, the writer will be offered the option of withdrawing the letter or allowing the letter to be printed with his/her name.

Letters must deal with issues and may not be personal vendettas.

Letters to the editor will be edited for mechanics, to fit space requirements, and to prevent libel, obscenity and other legally unprotected forms of speech.  The Hoof Print reserves the right not to print a letter.

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