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Social media and video calls allow students to feel supported by their friends, even if they are not seeing each other face-to-face.

Students Play Into Different Diversions

Emily Freeman, Staff Writer
November 13, 2020
Students struggle with connectivity issues while using online resources. Teachers adapted their methods of teaching in order to make learning more effective for online and in person students.

Phasing in Causing Students to Phase Out?

Jacob Holub, Media Editor
November 13, 2020
Kalyn Huggins, 7th grade, uses Membean as part of her middle school criteria. Huggins started using Membean before Henry County Schools were out for the year, but continues to utilize it during at-home learning.

Membean Amplifies Learning

Jackson Weems, Staff Writer
April 23, 2020
People are willing to wait in unreasonably long lines for an abundance of food, even across the globe in Norway.

A Global Look at a Pandemic

Payton DiSario, Media & Sports Editor
April 2, 2020
Fabio Martinez(right) and friends hang out before the pandemic. COVID-19 separated friends.

COVID-19 Travels Around The Globe

Maria Adams, Managing Editor
March 28, 2020
Students leave school and will not return until April 1, 2020. Dr. Mary Elizabeth Davis declared that all schools would be shut down for two weeks for cleaning and social distancing.

COVID-19 Prompts School Closures

Maria Adams, Managing Editor
March 18, 2020
With the recent US-Iran tensions rampant in the news, it can be difficult to stay informed.

US-Iran Tensions: ‘For Dummies’

Ashley Edwards, Editor in Chief
January 29, 2020
(not to scale) According to abc15.com, this is a rough comparison of the damaging bushfires raging through Australia in comparison to the United States.

Fighting Flames One Dollar At A Time

Kortney Huggins, J1 Mentor and Student Life Editor
January 24, 2020
Scholarships, grants, and loans take away some of the burden from students attending college. Most of the scholarships received do not cover books, food, transportation and other fees that eventually add up.

What If… Students Do Not Attend College?

Maria Adams, Managing Editor
December 12, 2019
While both AP exams and EOC's are useful, they test students in nearly opposite ways.

Students Believe They Will Thrive Under New Amendment

Payton DiSario, Sports and Media Editor
December 1, 2019
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